Our Process

Getting Started

One of the most difficult things with a large construction project is where to start. The first three questions we advise our clients to ask themselves are:

  1. Where do I want to live?

    Is it smarter to stay in the home you are in and expand and renovate to make it fit your needs? If you indeed want to stay where you are it may be more beneficial to tear down completely and start over. If you have already purchased a lot then it is just a matter of designing and building a home that fits the land both physically and aesthetically. If you don’t have a location picked out our in house real estate agent can consult with you to locate an area or neighborhood that fits your criteria.

  2. Why am I moving?

    Am I moving for more square footage or a bigger lot; do I want to be closer in or further out; do I need one-level living, proximity to the water, a dream home, etc… We take the time to sit down with each client and really understand their wants and needs. If you don’t have a floor plan or design picked out, then the property search and the design process may need to commence simultaneously. One service we do offer our clients is a feasibility study of their chosen lot to make sure it is buildable. We can determine what utilities are available or needed, provide any necessary site work, and estimate the cost to do so. We also have a preferred architect we have worked with for years that is a master of taking clients visions and concepts and turning them into reality.

  3. What is my timeframe and budget?

    One of the most important components of a successful client relationship is establishing proper expectations. Determining a realistic delivery date is one of the first things we do with a client. Although there can be unforeseen delays via weather or acts of god, the most common delays come from indecision in the selection and design process. To assist in keeping things moving we create a flow chart to illustrate benchmarks. The budget for a project can sometimes be the most difficult component to pinpoint. Foster-Herz works on a cost-plus pricing structure which allows for complete transparency in cost and makes it easy to pinpoint areas to save or cut costs. We value-engineer every proposal regardless of the size or scope because delivering value is the final goal.

Contract and Finalize Design

Now that you have narrowed down where you want to live and have an understanding of the scope of the project as well as a preliminary drawing of the home, we can bid the project. We provide one of the most comprehensive estimates in the industry which breaks down nearly every component of building. This level of detail provides the client with a basis to both understand the costs and also address many questions that may arise. Once the preliminary estimate/bid process is complete we sit down with each client and review our contract. We utilize a contract which provides fair and equal rights to the homeowner, builder, and architect. Upon Execution the following steps would take place:

Construction Begins

Now comes the fun part: watching your vision/creation come to life right before your eyes. However without close attention to detail and carefully thought out plans, the fun can disappear quickly. This is why we follow a well-established set of steps to ensure we meet your expectations. Our first step is to get off to the right start. The construction process can vary dramatically depending on the nature of the project and it is very important to make sure there is a clear and concise understanding of what is being built. For example, knowing if stone or brick is to be used on the exterior can affect how the foundation is poured and a late change can potentially add unnecessary costs later in the project. Another step we take to ensure constant client/builder communication once construction has commenced is to hold weekly meetings with the architect and client. Throughout the building process we hold these weekly meetings to review the current status and also make projections for the next month. Each weekly meeting is also documented with meeting minutes so they can be reviewed by all parties involved.

At the last meeting of each month we present a monthly invoice report, which updates the stage of construction, highlights any outstanding selections, provides financial updates, and if delays have occurred explains why. Our complete transparency and working client relationships are what set Foster-Herz apart from other building companies. See our client testimonials on this webpage to see just how happy they really are.


Upon commencement of the project Foster-Herz will complete a detailed orientation of the property to ensure satisfaction. The orientation gives us an opportunity to explain the components and inner working of the mechanicals, examine the aesthetics for any imperfections, and address any final questions. We deliver every project in a complete and clean manner that allows for turn-key enjoyment of the property in order to eliminate the need for repeated service being performed. Our mission upon completion is to deliver a finished product free from outstanding components and loose ends that in every way meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Foster Herz